Young Frankie Scarmazino

Please enjoy these auxiliary stories that speak to the development of young Frankie. Read as he grows into a gridiron hero - a man who seeks justice and stands up to villains. A protector who doesn't casually pass on by when someone is in need, but rather digs in to discover the truth.


Frankie Scarmazino

Nursery School

Age 4




Frankie Scarmazino was born on February 28, 1969. With 4 brothers and 1 sister, Frankie was the final child to Carla and Sal Scarmazino, both famous parents.

     Sal was coming off his second Super Bowl win when Frankie was born, and Carla had just had the 5th book of her Ramona Grey Romance Series go viral the day before Frankie’s birth when she was in labor.

     The little guy was too young to grasp the significance of the level of notoriety he was born into, nor the fact that he would follow in both parents’ footsteps with his success in the NFL as its greatest kicker ever.

     It took him many years to understand that he would be intellectually superior to most of the individuals he would meet in his entire life.

     His IQ would eventually be revealed to be above 170. Being extraordinarily gifted across the board was a blessing, but it also had a dark side; there were infinite opportunities.

     And having so many possibilities made choices difficult, a fact that the newborn babe would soon discover ...


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