Kicker: Going The Distance

Kicker: Going the Distance

Book One in The Scarmazino Mystery Series

Frankie Scarmazino, the top kicker in the NFL and breaker of hearts, decides to spice up his life by moonlighting as a P.I.

After a major hit in a New York Giant's game, he nurses his wounds and heads to Jasper, Arkansas to investigate the death of a fellow player's brother. On arrival, he endures a different kind of hit. He's devastated by a stunningly beautiful lawyer who drawls him into her battle against vicious wife-abusers and a serial killer.

The lawyer, a brilliant woman accused of killing her husband, teams up with Scarmazino, to investigate the death of four local men as well as engage in a steamy relationship with Scarmazino. Through violent confrontations with the protagonists, the two fight their way to a shattering conclusion between the husbands and their wives.

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Cy Young holding copy of Kicker Going the Distance


"Someone is taking justice into their own hands."

", easy-to-read, and exciting story featuring a likable hero, dastardly villains, and some very smart and sexy women..." - Karen Siddall


"This is the guy you really want on your team!"




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