A Perfect Hatred

     This 2-Act Play takes place in 1946 in Oklahoma City and features a family of Mama, her husband C.H., their 4 daughters, and a woman who is Mama’s nemesis. C.H. is a powerful character who has a great fear of women which creates great tension between himself, his wife, and his 4 beautiful and brilliant daughters. Jeanie, the youngest and highly talented singer, is the catalyst that brings the conflict to an explosion when she is raped and C.W. blames her for the attack. Near the end of the play, I create a reenactment of the Parsifal Legend in which the women in the play form a giant spider mouth and devour C.H. In the final scene, C.H. hears Jeanine sing as a winning contestant on the Phils Spitalny All Female Orchestra. The scene is poignant, sad, and extremely uplifting.


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by Cy Young

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