Aesop's Shop 

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Cy Young's musical features the famous morals of Aesop's Fables while exploring how Aesop discovered his calling for storytelling.

Inspiring * Educational * Entertaining

Aesop's Shop CD

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Book, Music and Lyrics by Cy Young; Directed by Paul Kreppel; Setting by Sal Perera and Mattt Tognacci; Cast: Danielle Vernengo and Jaime Hobert


“Historically, Aesop’s candor led to his early demise, but his legacy of story/lessons thrives and strives to educate a new generation of listeners. This well-produced collection features some of the more well-known Aesop’s stories, energetically performed and narrated.” 

John Wood,


“This American popularized rendition of the ancient classic reveals talented impersonation, good voices, and catchy tunes. Little children should enjoy it, over and over.”

Mary Lou Brock, Sunday School Teacher

Christian Science, First Church, Austin, TX


“Cy Young’s Aesop’s Shop is a breath of fresh air! I listened to them with my eight-year-old niece, and we both had a great time hearing stories that will never get old. Cy’s lively presentation is very entertaining, and it is good wholesome fun. The stories are a great way to introduce discussions about honesty, integrity, and other characteristics that we want to bring out in our children. I bought a CD for my young nephew and look forward to listening to the stories with him over the Christmas holidays.” 

Marjory Hawkins, Co-founder/Publisher of VroomGirls, Car Site for Women


“Hi Cy, Although I visited the website before and read about your CD, this was the first time I went through all of the songs. You’ve done a fabulous job! Cy Young’s Aesop’s Shop is a lively, engaging, and fun musical story for kids of all ages. My son and I enjoy all of the characters and their songs. Wonderfully produced! Cheers!”

Linda Mardi, Mom


“Thanks for the opportunity to review your CD. Your format is such a unique way to teach Aesop’s Fables and I plan to use this tool in my classroom since I teach a lot of the Pre-K curriculum through songs. The kiddos absolutely love it!”

Caren Renee Mexia, Pre-K Teacher, Kids R Kids, Round Rock, TX