Kicker: Clearing the High Bar

Book Two of The Scarmazino Mystery Series is expected to be released in November 2022.

On his way to Magdalen, New Mexico, for an off-season vacation, ace NFL kicker, Frankie Scarmazino, rescues a naked 14-year-old Indian girl on the highway at midnight. Suddenly, Frankie finds himself entangled in a local mystery involving a WWII German P.O.W. wanted for murder, a powerful cartel intent on assassinating him, and a hostile Indian tribe. Frankie’s challenges spiral as he uncovers a child trafficking ring that propels him to Hamburg, Germany, where his investigation reveals a secret that leads him into a final death battle in the hacienda of a wealthy cartel leader. 

Kicker: Clearing the High Bar, Book Two, involves the same powerful, emotional surges, plot twists, and gut-wrenching revelations as are found in Kicker: Going the Distance the first book in The Frankie Scarmazino Series. Kicker: Closing the Circle, Book Three, finds even more at stake: the impending destruction of two hundred million Americans.

Get ready!