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When I was 4, my mom took my sister and me (Pat was 6) to a ballet class for possible lessons. I took one look and headed out the door. Wish I’d stayed and plied and learned to dance earlier. I didn’t take ballet until I was out of North Western and 21 years old!

My first job was dancing with 6 female dancers and 2 males in Chicago... I loved that math! We were in a troupe that opened the Beverly Hilton Hotel. I remember Debbie Reynolds giving me the eye! I was pretty cute.

Cy Young in top hat - Divorce Me Darling

Making it in the Big Apple took an extra dose of courage; luckily I was performing next to Bert Lahr, The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard Of Oz. We were cast in the musical The Girls Against the Boys alongside Dick van Dyke at the Alvin Theatre.

At the 44th Street Theater, I worked with the son of the star of Modern Times, the first silent movie I’d ever seen. I was celebrating my fourth birthday. Feb. 29th  is a special treat as a leap-year baby. My mother took me to downtown Kansas City to see Charlie Chaplin on the big screen. I found him awe-inspiring and working with his son, Sydney, left me speechless.

I co-starred with the greatest stuntman in film, Buster Keaton. I played the prince to his role as king in Once Upon A Mattress. Known as a prankster, it was our final song playing father and son that really touched my heart where he exposed his warm, loving side and was a true role model in my career.

Cy Young as prince with Buster Keaton as King in Once Upon a Mattress

Singing, dancing, acting, telling jokes...I did it all! Whether entertaining at a night club for three years (The Upstairs At The Downstairs) or recording songs for Painted Smiles Records, I was glowing in the lights of New York. I zipped off to London to co-star at the famed Globe Theater in Divorce Me Darling, a musical.

I discovered the power of the pen. It was a magic pen with a life of its own. Once unleashed, I couldn’t stop it. I published short stories, plays, musicals, books, and a pan-tome.

I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Streisand; her voice illuminated one of my songs and made it shine. Draw Me a Circle debuted on one of her huge TV specials and lives on through her third album. It even reached the hearts of children when performed on Sesame Street.

As a line producer on F. Lee Bailey’s television show, Lie Detector, I flirted with the criminal element, Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. He went on a shooting spree in the 50’s and mowed down some unlucky blokes who ended up on a slab. Caril Ann finally revealed the honest truth about her experience when she took the lie detector test ... and passed.

They say the written word is eternal; you’ll see me with each turn of the page!



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Hear some of Cy's stories.

Listen to the Vibes. "The Genius of Cy Young." Youtube, 9, Nov. 2021, youtu.be/qJ3UzD9OmCw.


The Pajama Game - Steam Heat number - New York City Center production
The Boyfriend - Bobby
Diversions - Revue: Director: Steven Vinaver
Girls Against The Boys - Featured performer - Starring Bert Lahr
Subways Are For Sleeping – Featured performer – Starring Sydney Chaplin

The Pajama Game - Steam Heat number
Once Upon a Mattress – Played the Prince to Buster Keaton's king
On A Clear Day – Co-starred with Howard Keel

Divorce Me Darling - The Globe Theater – Bobby - Writer: Sandy Wilson - Director: Steven Vinaver

The Paper Bag Players: Children’s Group – Featured performer

Painted Smiles albums - Ben Bagley - Rodgers & Hart and Jerome Kern Upstairs At The Downstairs

Isn’t America Fun? - Revue at the Blue Angel – Writer, Chicago's Fred Ebb
Number One Fifth Avenue – Solo humorous musical act
Upstairs At The Downstairs – Featured performer – Producer Julius Monk

Cole Porter – Review - Director/Creator: Ben Bagley
The Will Rogers Follies – Co-starred as Clem

Kelloggs Special K, Dr. Pepper, Scott Towels, Pampers, Whitnauer Watch, Pepsi, Clackers, Graham Crackers, and Tums to name a few.