"Hold on to your hat because Deathload is taking you on the most breathtaking ride of your life."

"Deathload is a whirlwind of intensity!"

"If you liked James Patterson's "Chase," you'll love Deathload. This thriller takes Lee Child's "Killing Floor" up to the penthouse!"

It's all here between these quick-turning pages. Phoenix detective Manny Breen, an expert in karate, has his skill and expertise challenged as he battles the two explosive brutes as they zip across the country destroying Air Force Bases. Joining Manny is Phoenix Police chopper pilot Sharon Kramer, a feisty female heroine, who's a match for Manny's bravura. Their romantic inclinations are subtle but hint at a future hot sex relationship with all its whoops and hollers.

Villains? How about Vince Fazio, billionaire truck tycoon and ex-CIA operative who is the mastermind behind the two destructive behemoths. Seeking revenge for his Marine son's death from friendly fire in Desert Storm, Vince is a powerhouse of cruelty and brutality who can make grown men pee in their pants. Deathload takes us across the United States as Manny and Sharon follow the two monsters on their path of destruction. Different time zones and colorful, breathtaking scenery enhance the reader's experience. Witty dialogue and carefully chosen descriptive phrases make this book fascinating to cultured readers and to those who don't give a damn about the Mona Lisa. Many great scenes, like the one in which Manny takes on six bad guys with his hands tied behind his back. Guess who wins this one? Deathload is fierce, forceful, unforgettable, and totally engrossing. Like the scene comparable to "Terminator" in which Manny faces The Jolly Green Giant, a deadly robot that brings about a duel to the death with Manny trapped in one of the super trucks. The robot, Manny finds out, has his computer-driven system built into his crotch. Breen takes great delight in emasculating the Giant. "Super Stud?" Manny shouts as he blows the robot's parts to bits. Join me in deciding which movie action hero could play the part of Manny. I like Antonio Sabato, Jr., how about you? Or Sharon Kramer. Which starlet or established femme fatal would slobber for the chance to get into Sharon's character? Think about it and let me know your choices. Happy reading. Keep your eyes on the road. You'll find fascinating and unexpected twists-and-turns in every mile.


This book was inspired by a trip from NYC to LA in my Pinto with my family across Hwy 70 Westbound. Impressed by the two parallel roads, one eastbound, one westbound, I wondered, "What if two trucks could be fitted with the latest electronic weapon systems and sent on a path of destruction across the country?" The narrative developed as a screenplay and ultimately transformed into this self-published book. 

I spent many hours researching the book's multi-elements to give the narrative authenticity. This research included a visit to the Marine Recruiting Office in San Marcos Tx. to entice the Marine Recruiter, Marine Staff Sgt. Carlos Garcia, to read the completed book and check my facts. Carlos gave me a strong thumbs up on warfare strategy, weapon systems, and combat relating to ground/air engagements and other military operations. The reader can rest assured that the facts have been verified to the best of my ability, including the character quirk that hero Detective Manny Breen can hold his breath for 20 minutes. The record is 22 minutes!

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