Kicker: The Scarmazino Mystery Series

Super Bowl of Suspense!

Frankie Scarmazino, NFL kicker, will entice you, cheer you, entertain you, and charm you with his bubbling personality, sparkling wit, and physical prowess.  Wow! All that in one handsome, 6’2,” high-cheekboned, charismatic guy with the body of an Adonis! 

You’ve gotta read all his books and hitch a ride with him on all his adventures to realize the scope of his brilliance and immaculate ability to triumph over life’s challenges!  Trained as a Navy Seal, he’s more than a match for the thug-scum he encounters as he negotiates the broken-glass terrain that a private eye has to tread! 

Kicker: Going the Distance

Kicker: Clearing the Highbar 

Kicker: Closing the Circle - Releasing Soon!