Young Frankie: First Grade

Please enjoy these auxiliary stories that speak to the development of young Frankie. Read as he grows into a gridiron hero - a man who seeks justice and stands up to villains. A protector who doesn't casually pass on by when someone is in need but rather digs in to discover the truth.


First Grade


Seven-year-old Frankie Scarmazino had a tummy ache.  He didn’t tell his mother or his brothers, but he’d had a stomach problem for weeks.

     And he knew why.  He was a thin little guy, tall for his age but not heavy.  He’d never been in a fight before.  He was with his brothers most of the time; if anyone tried to mess with little Frankie, they’d have to answer to his older brothers, especially Richie.

     Richie was six years older than Frankie.  At thirteen, Richard William Scarmazino was a big kid, big and tough.  He was larger than his brothers, not just because he was older, but because he’d weighed fifteen pounds at birth.


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